Wednesday, March 26, 2008

23 March 2008 - JUST PUTTERIN' ALONG

Made it through the group presentation at my Personal Development class at college -- I think that Jael, Carlos and I all were dreading it. But it is over! Done with! Finished!! The powerpoint I did tied all our sections together and I think that made a big difference. Have felt really blah today -- ended up sleeping most of the day - was supposed to volunteer at the Star of India, but slept right through my time.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm not going call these resolutions -- but goals. It's all a journey - I may not get there the way I had originally planned, but at least I have a plan for my ultimate destination. Goes along with the saying that "You are not likely to get anywhere in particular if you don't know where you want to go."
1. To make my house a "home". Not only would I like to take 2008 to try to decorate my home, I also would like it to become more of a place of bliss for my family, rather than a house we reside in. I have lots of ideas that I have collected over the years (many due to spending 21 years dual-roled as an active Navy Sailor as well as a Navy spouse - and now my son is a Naval officer).
2.. Declutter/Organize my house and try to keep it clean so it maintains itself. This has been a long on-going goal for me:) I want to create routines/schedules that I can achieve, rather than feeling let down at the end of the day because it isn't neat and organized. Have been purging madly over the last three years (except for last year when I was reactivated and sent to Bahrain) - at least an hour a day (often more) -- it's been interesting finding things that we acquired throughout our military life. Salvation Army and Goodwill have been the receipants of much of this. However, I found out last week (March 2008) that there will be a new Ronald McDonald House built in San Diego in the near future. That prompted me to focus on books, DVDs and CDs to give to them for the families that use that facility.
I use parts of Flylady (, Great Clutter Challenge ( and Holiday Grand Plan ( I seriously need to sit down and block out what is done when because all three of these conflict a bit -- different rooms being done by each plan during the week.
3. To find a new career that goes along with my motto "It's better to do good than to do well". I really enjoyed my time in the Navy ... the last few years as a Navy Career Counselor -- helping people find the job that is right for them and opportunities with that job field was great!! Life is too short to be doing a job that you just don't enjoy!
4. To take time at least once a week and do something I enjoy...whether it's crocheting for Stitches from the Heart, reading or watching a chick flick. This one is easy for me! I read a lot! My adopted mother called me her "book-aholic!" Not really interested in TV for the most part -- there are some programs I like, but for the most part, there are ways to spend my time.
It's St. Patrick's Day 2008 and Spring is almost here. What better time to start this new stage in my life and share my world?
Pam J aka Holly Berry Elf