Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Traveling and bag organizing tip

DH and I have been traveling for the last few weeks ....
and we are t.i.r.e.d ....
Frankfurt to Honolulu to San Diego and now Savannah ...
I'm having problems figuring out what day it is
(sad, isn't it?)
Spent a wonderful week with DS (dear son) at his home on Oahu ..
he ran us all around the island
 (DH hadn't been to Hawaii before, so we wanted him to see it ALL!)
Then off to San Diego for four days ...
 we are selling our home there and needed to deal with some items ..
saw some relatives and friends ...
but it was rush - rush - rush the entire time.
Now we are in Savannah
where DH is attending some work-related classes -
FINALLY!!  A chance to recover and catch-up!!
Will post photos of our last few weeks in a few --
Here is the travel tip I promised ...
Have easily identifiable bags for your electronics, cords and toiletries ~
I found these houndstooth bags on sale recently ~
easy to find in the clutter (not that we tote along a bunch) ~
 so handy to know if I am looking for a cable or Kindle or cell or ....
(amazing the array of electronics now in our life),
just look for easily identifiable bag.
The 3-1-1 bag goes neatly into the toiletry bag and can be pulled out
for airport security and tucked back away once through the line.
No more "where DID I put the ...."
I keep an index card in each bag listing off the things to go inside ~
most of the toiletry kit stays packed for easy grabbing -
just have to tuck aspirin, toothpaste and the like when it's time to go.
Hope you can use this idea in your life --
Would love to hear your travel tips to make things easier -