Thursday, July 31, 2008


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-Tiny Change #1 : Go to bed ½ hour earlier and wake up ½ earlier than usual
-Tiny Change #2 : Go to your favorite bookstore to pick out a journal and start writing
-Tiny Change #3 : Read at least 15 minutes a day
-Tiny Change #4 :Organize your junk drawer
-Tiny Change #5 :Have a daily quiet time
-Tiny Change #6 :Start an exercise program for 15 min. a day
-Tiny Change #7 :Get together with a friend at least once a month
-Tiny Change #8: Start a Debt Reduction Plan
-Tiny Change #9: Write out an evening routine that will prepare you for the next day
-Tiny Change #10: Have a family night to play games, eat together, or do something fun as a family
-Tiny Change #11: Take the last few minutes of the work day to straighten up and plan for the day ahead
-Tiny Change #12: Do a random act of kindness
-Tiny Change #13: Begin carrying a bottle of water to get your 8 glasses a day
-Tiny Change #14:Write birthdays on a calendar, so you can let others know you care for them
-Tiny Change #15: Visualize the day you want to have while taking your morning shower
-Tiny Change #16: Remember to laugh: rent a comedy, get silly with friends, or read a funny book
-Tiny Change #17: Write out a morning routine that includes personal time, household duties and family
-Tiny Change #18: Surprise your significant other with a fun date
-Tiny Change #19: Do your most important priority at your peak energy time
-Tiny Change #20: Enjoy nature- take a hike, sit on the beach, dance in the rain
-Tiny Change #21: Whenever you feel yourself getting tense, slow down and breathe
-Tiny Change #22: Make a plan to regularly call your family
-Tiny Change #23: Subscribe to a magazine related to work and schedule time to read it
-Tiny Change #24: Forget the mistakes of yesterday, today is too important to miss
-Tiny Change #26: Practice really listening to someone
-Tiny Change #27: Take two minute breaks during your work day to breathe, walk, look out the window
-Tiny Change #28: Sincerely Compliment Others
-Tiny Change #29: Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
-Tiny Change #30: Resign from one committee, volunteer post, or duty you don't really like
-Tiny Change #31: Take time for your hobbies at least a few times a month
-Tiny Change #32: Play a little every evening
-Tiny Change #33: Set up a filing system for your mail: to do, finance, other family members, or to file
-Tiny Change #34: Pack a lunch instead of eating fast food
-Tiny Change #35: Memorize scripture, an inspirational quote, or a poem to give you a lift during the day
-Tiny Change #36: Set up appointments for doctor, dentist, hairstylist, etc.
-Tiny Change #37: Plan to leave 10 minutes early for all your appointments
-Tiny Change #38: Take a big vacation once a year, and mini weekend vacations throughout the year-even if you are just staying home
-Tiny Change #39: Go through your clothes and give away what you don’t need, want or fit into
-Tiny Change #40: Make sure your work chair and desk are ergonomically correct
-Tiny Change #41: Quit lying and making excuses to yourself
-Tiny Change # 42: Stretch daily
-Tiny Change # 43: When someone asks you how you are doing say, “Fantastic”, not “Really busy.”
-Tiny Change # 44: Focus attention on a special person, really connect with them
-Tiny Change # 45: Ask someone for help
-Tiny Change # 46: Nurture a child
-Tiny Change # 47: Make a list of 100 things you are thankful for
-Tiny Change # 48: Write a letter of appreciation to your significant other or a friend
-Tiny Change # 49: Do one thing you have been procrastinating about
-Tiny Change # 50: Take time each evening to let go and to forgive
-Tiny Change # 51: Use music to energize you or relax you
-Tiny Change # 52: Focus on one project to complete this week

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


There was a 5.4 earthquake in Los Angeles today. I didn't feel it, Don thinks he did, the cats are VERY affectionate follow us everywhere in the condo.

Friday, July 25, 2008


A: Attached or single? Attached....most definitely
B: Best friend? Lyndsay or Terry
C: Cake or pie? Cherry pie with crumb topping!
D: Day of choice? Saturday
E: Essential item? a book to read, laptop is a close runner-up
F: Favorite color? Emerald green... always has been!
G: Gummy what? Sharks
H: Hometown? Depends on where we are stationed... San Diego right now, Sicily in a few months
I: Ice cream flavour? Peach sorbet
J: January or July? either. January is a fresh start, lots of hopes and plans. July is warm and time to kick back and relax.
K: Kids: One son, Chris
L: Life isn't complete without? Somewhere to belong
M: Marriage date? May 4
N: Number of brothers or sisters? Unknown, I was adopted. My adopted mother had a son and daughter, the son includes me in his family -- the daughter has always refused to acknowledge my existance
O: Oranges or apples? Fresh squeezed orange juice -- though granny smith apples are wonderful!
P: Phobias? Snakes!!
Q: Quotes? "It's better to do good than to do well" - unknown
R: Reasons to smile? My son, hubby, the cats, Mark Yuzik's shows, lots of things
S: Season of choice? Spring
T: Tag 5 people. Rather not.
U: Unknown fact about me. Lactose-intolerant
V: Vegetable? Fresh tomatoes
W: Worst habit? Boredom munching
X: X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound...hands down!
Y: Your favorite food? Chips
Z: Zodiac sign? Cancer

Monday, July 21, 2008


Chris' Email:
It rained for about an hour and a half today and here are the results. The house across the street is 1.5' under muddy water and the American Legion across the street is probably a little under as well. My place is up a ramp -- so we are good to go. There were a lot of idiots racing through the streets with some flooding out as well. Well, I guess we have a lake here now. What a novelty... China Lake (near Death Valley and also in the middle of the desert) finally has a lake.


Sunset looking north at the Coronado Bay Bridge.....



Hooray! The sails are up!

looking back at downtown San Diego....

.....and at the USS MIDWAY (now a museum)

Looking north at the Coronado Bay Bridge ....


Chris waiting to board the USS CALIFORNIA


Looking Back at the Sailing Ship STAR OF INDIA and the Maritine Museum

Hauling up the sails!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This year's theme was "Sports!" -- so the Don Diego statue at the main gate needed to be appropriately dressed. Each year he is decorated to reflect the theme.
Checking out the llamas with weird haircuts!
Swifty Swine Pig races -- always a Hoot!! At the finish line is an Oreo cookie on a tray for the winner to eat!
Swifty, the baby pot-belly pig that competes each year for the Guinness book of records for a 12-week-old pig swimming an 8-foot tank. "Go Swifty - go"

The Turkey Stampede -- something new for all three of us to see! What a riot!

Don and Chris at the turkey races.
Chris came for a week to visit...unfortunately I had training that week - but we did go to the fair and also saw the 4th July fireworks from the deck of the USS CALIFORNIA, the official state sailing ship.