Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fantabulous! Check out the T-shirt quilt I had made!!

Quite a few years ago ~ while purging our excess out ~
I got rid of a bunch of T-shirts we had acquired from various
duty stations, explorations
(we love to explore the areas we are assigned)
and Scouting activities.
Of course, not long after the T's went away ~
a friend mentioned making a T-shirt quilt with her son's T's.
Slap the forehead and moan why didn't I know about this??
Would have been a great way to use all those T's I hadn't wanted
to get rid of .... but they had just been taking up space in our home.
Well, Life goes on ~~ 

now when we are out and about, I pick up T's for a quilt .... someday.
Last fall, I decide there are enough T's to have one made ~
(I know me, if I do it~ it will sit incomplete and never get done)
.... so I start searching the Web.
Looked at lots of websites over the next few months ...
and FINALLY found a quilt I adored on Pinterest !!!
Back-tracked the quilt to the company who made it ~
"Too Cool Quilts" in Michigan.
They were a bit more pricey than  other companies I looked at,
but the website was so detailed on the entire process
(something  others skimped on) ~
that I bit the bullet and ordered a quilt for my son.
Sent the T-'s in and waited ....
It came back and was absolutely FANTABULOUS!!
Sent all the rest of the T's in
~~~ yup!  With all my picking up
one here, one there
as we wandered the world ...
I had enough T's to make SIX quilts
~~though one was a "Hard Rock Café" theme
and I had to supplement with T's from Ebay.
DS LOVED it!! 
"Too Cool Quilts" outlines many of the T-shirt designs with the stitching which holds the quilt together ~
so you can enjoy the both sides of the quilt!
Love my Grinch (from the story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas") with all of the toys bagged and piled into his sleigh as he prepares to leave Whoville.
The quilts turned out fantastic! 
Am on the hunt for more T's to have more made ... someday.