Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lessons learned

A friend recently reminded me of an experience she had with her ex-husband ... some people need a bit more time to learn some important lessons.   "M" okayed my sharing this with all of you.  Smiles!

"My ex drove me crazy. We had in our first apartment a laundry hamper in the corner, not along a wall, in a corner - this is important to visualize... because even grandma, if need be, could throw a clothing item in the general direction and "make the basket"... everyone could make the basket ... except my ex.

Well, since he was so lazy, he would leave his underwear on the side of the bed... not even try to "shoot". There they lay, day after day - and after much poking and prodding and praying he would just get his
dirty underwear in the basket, I realized something else had to be done, for I was just fed up that he could not get it thru his thick head.

At the time we were both teachers, he was at the high school and I was at an elementary.  My start time was about 2 hours after his.... I was able to get the laundry started, dinner started, house tidied, etc.

I had to figure out something to have him stop irritating me with this... so this is what happened.

I had to go to work (inservice workshop) one day super early, so I was out of the house before him. The inservice was being held at our school, not off site. About 1 hour into the session the secretary comes and gets me - there was a phone call from my husband. I tell her not now, take a message, if important, and I went back to the conference. Shortly after, she returned saying he needed to talk to me.  I was frustrated at that time and I excused myself and went to the office.

On the other end he was just livid... he could not find any of his underwear and he was running late to get to work. He inquired "Did you throw them out?" and I said no, that I had to get back to my meeting... and hung up.

No kidding... about 10 minutes later, she comes back and gets me... I slip out the back and answer the phone. He (who also had a temper) was so ticked at this time... I answer the phone and he asks "I have searched this place from one end to the other and can't find my underwear.. what did you do with them...'

I could tell he was "at the end of his rope" so I said.. you didn't search everywhere... because you would have found them... go check the freezer and don't call me again". I at this point waited in the office, because I knew that phone was going to ring and by now I have told the secretary what was going on. Sure enough.. the phone rang and she said... guess who.... and I answered.

With a screaming person on the other end... I got him to "shut up" long enough to explain. I asked him "How many times have I asked you to put your dirty underwear in the basket?   Since you find it necessary to leave them at your bedside day after day when I have asked nicely for you to pick them up and "make a basket" I decided to fix the problem."

I took my large 5 qt pan, fill it with water, and shoved each pair of his underwear in the pan, and shoved the pan in the freezer. Yes I did.

So he finds this pan, has to take it to the bathtub, start running hot water to break up the block of ice, get one pair "freed" and then wring them out... followed by standing there with my hair dryer to try to dry them so he can yet get to work on time.

He got them "close enough" in his mind... because he was now "super ticked" and running late.

He got dressed and flew out the door....

Only to get to work and have the school secretary there send him home... I guess close enough wasn't - especially when he work Khaki pants and he had the "I wet myself" look upon entering school!!

He never left his underwear on the floor ever again."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Birdie!

Magpie (bird) looking (and finding) bugs ... lots of bugs.
Magpies are super common  here and in southern Spain ...
Indy hates them ... they like to dive bomb her

Monday, February 6, 2012

Duck curls ...

Hard to believe DH had gotten a hair cut the day before ...
yup, the barber missed a sector.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Assume your position!

It gets a wee bit chilly in the apt ... especially with the snow level not too far above us.
DH  (of course, I do too, but not as much) spends quite a bit of time this way.

Sunrise on Groundhog Day

woke up really early this morning ... watched the sunrise while Indy drank bird-flavo​red water (from the bird bath)

Thursday, February 2, 2012