Sunday, July 20, 2008


This year's theme was "Sports!" -- so the Don Diego statue at the main gate needed to be appropriately dressed. Each year he is decorated to reflect the theme.
Checking out the llamas with weird haircuts!
Swifty Swine Pig races -- always a Hoot!! At the finish line is an Oreo cookie on a tray for the winner to eat!
Swifty, the baby pot-belly pig that competes each year for the Guinness book of records for a 12-week-old pig swimming an 8-foot tank. "Go Swifty - go"

The Turkey Stampede -- something new for all three of us to see! What a riot!

Don and Chris at the turkey races.
Chris came for a week to visit...unfortunately I had training that week - but we did go to the fair and also saw the 4th July fireworks from the deck of the USS CALIFORNIA, the official state sailing ship.

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