Friday, July 25, 2008


A: Attached or single? Attached....most definitely
B: Best friend? Lyndsay or Terry
C: Cake or pie? Cherry pie with crumb topping!
D: Day of choice? Saturday
E: Essential item? a book to read, laptop is a close runner-up
F: Favorite color? Emerald green... always has been!
G: Gummy what? Sharks
H: Hometown? Depends on where we are stationed... San Diego right now, Sicily in a few months
I: Ice cream flavour? Peach sorbet
J: January or July? either. January is a fresh start, lots of hopes and plans. July is warm and time to kick back and relax.
K: Kids: One son, Chris
L: Life isn't complete without? Somewhere to belong
M: Marriage date? May 4
N: Number of brothers or sisters? Unknown, I was adopted. My adopted mother had a son and daughter, the son includes me in his family -- the daughter has always refused to acknowledge my existance
O: Oranges or apples? Fresh squeezed orange juice -- though granny smith apples are wonderful!
P: Phobias? Snakes!!
Q: Quotes? "It's better to do good than to do well" - unknown
R: Reasons to smile? My son, hubby, the cats, Mark Yuzik's shows, lots of things
S: Season of choice? Spring
T: Tag 5 people. Rather not.
U: Unknown fact about me. Lactose-intolerant
V: Vegetable? Fresh tomatoes
W: Worst habit? Boredom munching
X: X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound...hands down!
Y: Your favorite food? Chips
Z: Zodiac sign? Cancer

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