Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's been a bit ... have been dealing with all sorts of details getting ready to go to Sicily as well as some me stuff....

The presidential election is over ... Barrack Obama won by a landslide. He has quite a mess to deal with - of course, no matter who won, there is a mess to deal with. I worked the polls as an assistant precinct inspector - am glad I won't be doing that again anytime in the near future. We had lots of poll watchers (never had that before), a lawyer who was making that rounds that things were being done on the up-and-up (he wanted us to give him a count of how many people had voted -- there were people in line waiting to get their ballots and he wants us to count how many have already come thorough -- sheesh).

The condo has been getting painted the last three days .. dust everywhere and everything I have is in one pile in the middle of the living room. There is more space around the pile for the painters to work with with the pile in the LR than if the pile was in any other room.

Today the place was sprayed -- or at least most of it - so Indy and I had to leave. Indy went to day boarding at the vets (she just loved that - yeah right!) and got her final check-up to go to Sicily. I got my visa pictures taken, took the car to the dealership to get the airbag light dealt with, re-priced all Don's glass at Spanish Village for the student sale tomorrow, picked up my tickets to get my visa, and lots of other bits and pieces.

Am unburying the pile so I can get everything I need to take with me to Houston -- ugh! Things just got tossed into boxes and bags the first day the painters were here because they showed up early. Still have to find someone to replace the laundry room door since the painters accidentally ripped out the screws when masking the floor -- too much damage to just re-screw the hinges.

Got to stop playing and get everything set for the flight ...less than a month 'til Indy and I are off for Sig and less than two weeks before Don and Karen here for Thanksgiving.

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