Sunday, April 12, 2009


On Easter Sunday, children and adults alike look forward to opening the brightly
wrapped chocolate Easter eggs that friends and relatives give them on Easter. The more the better! Of course all eggs (except the tiniest) contain a surprise that range from toys (some are small like Hot Wheels or the Happy Meal toys) to larger ones like Big Wheel toddler riding toys to walkman radios to silver charms or gold dipped jewelry (depending on the price and brand). The left over chocolate from the eggs is usually frozen or melted to make sweets. There are many versions of Colomba Pasquale such as chocolate, etc. in colorful boxes that are appreciated as gifts. Such fun!

Giant chocolate egg by Carrafour -- wonder what's in the hollow of this one? (Yes, it is a real candy egg)Don with some of the smaller eggs ....
Eggs -- eggs and more eggs ---


Debra said...

I wish we had these in the US. Hmmm. Maybe a business venture!

StubbyTate said...

This is awesome!