Sunday, July 19, 2009


Mesopotanian gate statue ... meant to be seen either head-on or from the side ... not at an angle - you see 5 legs when looked at from an angle

Last four pictures ... an Elgin marbles taken from the Acropolis- one of the Nike Victories .... Don resting - the British Museum is HUGE! .... and finally, some Estrucan pots similiar to one my adopted father's family was given when Dad was an infant (he was born in Turkey in the early 1900's - the doctor who delivered him was given the pot by a farmer who dug it up in a field) .... Mom had me look for a place to donate it a few years before she died ... the new J. Paul Getty was interested but since there was no official documention bringing it into the country, they would only accept it as a donation ... Mom's birth-daughter insisted on Mom getting money for it .... don't know what ever happened to it. Mom told her chaplain and I at a meeting not long before she died that her birth-daughter had managed to sell it, no idea who it was sold to ... the proceeds most likely paid off Mom's medical bills and other expenses after she died ...

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