Monday, October 12, 2009


Wanted to get out and away from the house a few Sundays ago .... just got in the car and started out. First we headed west toward Mineo, then we just followed whichever road looked interesting ... no rhyme or reason to our choices. We were way off the beaten track, up in the hills, no houses or farms around (turned out we were on a dead-end road that had been washed away sometime in the past ...the barriers had lots of TALL weeds growing in and around them. I don't even think the sheepherders came out to that area ...and they are just about everywhere.

This is looking back, part way up one of the roads --- you can still see civilization at this point.... nice view looking out over the countryside.

Honey! Pull over! It's a fig tree! Look at them all!

I can just about reach it...just another inch or it!

Here, it isn't considered stealing to harvest fruit from trees like this that are along side the road so long as it isn't actually in someone's yard.

Don peeling a freshly picked fig .... until then, I didn't realize that he peeled them and he didn't realize that I ate the whole thing ... skin and all. To me, it's just like eating an apple....the skin is thin, tender and tastes fine.
UMMMMMMMMMMM.... sweet delicious figs......

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