Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It was snowing in Belpasso when we left for work this morning ...not a lot, definitely not sticking....but it was definitely snowing. Took Indy out on the balcony so she could see the snow -- thought maybe she'd investigate "those funny white fluffy things" that were drifting down (mostly large flakes were falling) ... but she decided it was way too cold out there for her little kitty toes and quickly retreated back into the kitchen.

Will have to tease our landlords tonight -- Giovanni and Carmela say that it never rains in Belpasso ...always sunny and warm .... wonder how snow fits in.

As you can imagine ... Etna is just covered with snow...even the lowest slopes have quite a bit of snow.

No, I didn't take this picture -no where near this skilled.


Nancy said...

We are surrounded in "dirty" white right now ourselves. It needs a new coating to be pretty again. But, geeze, I'm ready for spring. Walking all bundled up is getting old.

I loved the last couple of posts on the Carini Castle and the Capel Dove. I would really like to visit Italy or Sicily this year for our 30th anniversary.

Holly said...

Nancy - I can really relate to wanting to see Springtime again ...while winter han't been bad, I am ready for warmth and flowers. Hope to can make it to Italy or Sicily for your 30th (or anytime actually) .. it's a wonderful place to be. Thanks for visiting.