Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Clearing out the in-box on one of my Email accounts - yes, I have multiples.  One for famly and friends, one for work, one for my blogs, one for some E-groups I belong to and the last for the junk mail and other things that want an Email listed.   

Found an link to a blog I sent myself months ago .. always meaning to check it out:  100 Goals  @  http://hundredgoals.com/   -- so went and looked at it today.  I really like how it is laid out and what Steven has to share.

DH and I have been working off and on over several years on a list of experiences we want to try and places we'd like to go.  I've been working on decluttering and purging out the "stuff" that just doesn't mean anything to me any longer.

Hundredgoals re-enforces the concept.


Melissa said...

Great site - thanks for sharing. I have a small list of "things I want to" and this has inspired me to re-visit that list, maybe even include it on my blog at some point.

Anonymous said...

Glad you took the time to check out Hundred Goals! It's inspiring to me that I am able to inspire others! Hope to see you around in the future!

Hundred Goals