Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago the world changed ...

and it changed for everyone ... not just Americans.  So many people died ... of all nationalities and faiths.  So many innocents ... who had so much still to give in their lives ... who just happened to be in the wrong place when a few people wanted to make a statement.   I still know where I was when I heard  about the twin towers ... probably most of you can as well.  I watched way too much TV and listened to way too much radio when it was happening ... and for days afterward... until I finally had to turn them both off to save my sanity.   It was painful then.... and today, 10 years later... it is still painful.    DH had worked for a man who was killed in the Pentagon ... Jack had recently retired and was looking forward to life with grandchildren and experiences with his wife that they had put off due to his military career.  

I don't blame Islam as a whole ... it was a small group of people who were Islamic.  Most faiths have episodes in their history that are less than positive.   The Crusades and Inquistion pop to my mind immediately.

I'm not saying 9-11 was justified .... I'm saying the world changed and the whole of one faith can not be held at fault for the actions of a small group of their followers.   But for today ... my TV and radio will stay off ... I will work in my home and with my friends to bring beauty into the lives of those immediately around me.  

Have a blessed day, my friends, where ever you happen to be.  I wish you joy and peace.


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