Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm Back Again ... in Our New Home

I sure didn't expect to be gone this long!  Moving is such a bear!! 

It is so depressing to leave a place where you have created a life and made friends .. have made memories (lots of memories) and changed a building from just walls, ceiling and floors into a home, welcoming and filled with the treasures that decorate our life.  It was so sad to look at the empty spaces and know that our time there has come to an end ....

DH found a wonderful place in southern Germany ... a bit smaller than our last ... so some things we have acquired over the years are going away to brighten other lives.  Dear Kitty managed to make it up here okay ... though she wasn't too sure about that while we were on the ferry going from Palermo (Sicily) to Genova (northern Italy).  The cat kenneling area was under repair ... and since she was the only cat (and pets are not allowed in the individual cabins ... which I can understand ... fur, "accidents", fleas, other issues) ... she had to spend nearly 24-hours in one of the smaller cages at one end of the dog kennel.  Fortunately there weren't a lot of dogs in the kennel area ... and the staff did put her at one end of the room and the dogs at the other end ... but several of the dogs barked A LOT!!!  Poor kitty.

Since the kennel area was accessible to the passengers the entire trip - I did spend time with her over the trip.  But mostly she just wanted to huddle in her carrier  with her blanket (I left the carrier open and just stuck the whole thing in the kennel cage) and made sure she had water the entire trip ... as well as food once her motion sickness/panic settled down.    I felt bad for her ... I don't even like going into pet stores because I don't like seeing the animals in cages. 

Still have some boxes to go through ... but progress has been made.   Amazing some of the things I am finding packed away .... even though I did quite a bit of purging before we left Sicily (I packed a lot of boxes myself in the weeks before the movers did the final packing and loading) ... there are still things that I have to just shake my head and wonder what on earth I was thinking.

Our new home is brand new ... it was nearly a month and a half after we moved in before the landscapers finished laying the patio and putting in the landscaping.  Lots of dust and dirt during that time period .... ugh!!

Glad to be back ... time to make new memories, create a new home and make new friends. 
The moving van on delivery day, the living room (you can see what will become out patio and the slope that is still raw dirt) before the boxes were unloaded .. and the kitchen part way through the unpacking and putting away process.

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