Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple-Ginger Jam

Taking advantage of all the wonderful apples grown here in the local area
and making apple-ginger jam.
Really easy ....
wash, peel and shred 3-pounds of apples (about 1.5 kg)
add 2 teaspoons ground ginger (the dry spice)
add in the appropriate amount of sugar and pectin
(I'm not providing the amounts in this posting ..
German stores sell the sugar-pectin mixture the recipe I use specifies ...
you can check with your local farm bureau or 
canning advice service to get the recommended amounts .... 
I don't want give you the wrong amounts and
have you end up getting sick ... that would be BAD!!!)
Let apple-ginger-sugar-pectin mixture sit in the refrigerator 24 hours
Pour mixture into a pan and bring to a slow boil
(keep stirring to keep it from burning),
cook for 5-10 minutes until a cooled sample is gelatinous
(I put a small spoon of it on a plate, blow on it to cool it and tilt the plate)
Once it is gelatinous, scoop into canning jars -
Clean off the rims and screw the lids on.
Flip upside down and let cool.
You will hear the lid "Pop" when it seals.
You can keep this on a shelf in a cool area for 3-6 months
(we're doing good if it lasts 2 months).
Don't need to pressure seal or boiling water process this (good deal!!) 
Here's some I made a few days ago (sorry about the fuzzy photo)
We'll be able to enjoy the flavor of fall well into Winter ... Yumm!!


Anonymous said...

Just remember your son likes caramel apples.

Anonymous said...

Your son still likes caramel apples. Del Mar Fair?