Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feasting on Friday ... Frog and Toe Jams

DH and I are finally back home again after nearly two months ..
SO good to be back in our own beds and normal routine....
now if we can only get re-adjusted to our home time-zone.
We spent Mother's Day weekend with my mother-in-law ~
found these at a small roadside stand while driving to
my in-law's home. 
Just had to get them both for DMIL and DFIL!
Love the names!!
Gotta love the quirky names! 
And there were several people who walked into the place,
read the jar titles and said "Eww!!"
"Toe jam" in the US is a slang term for
the gunk that accumulates between the toes.
Definitely not the first thing you think of at a produce stand!!
In this case .. "Toe Jam" means "Tangerine, Orange, Elderberry"
~ "Frog Jam" is "Fig, raspberry, orange and ginger".
Do you have a quirky food specialty in your area?
Please share!!
Hope to hear from you soon ~

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