Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween and Fall !

Been away a lot time ... computer crashed and still haven't been able to recover the data and once my DH deployed, I've been busy cleaning and purging.   Made a LOT of progress!   

Today I spent 6 hours in the attic, boxing up loose items, labeling all the boxes, setting other things aside to donate or discard and organizing the boxes so you can just look and see what is in each box without having to move boxes around --- everything is in neat rows, easy to access and you can stand in the cleared center and can easily see what is in each and every box.  Should have taken a photo of the cluster before I started... oh well.  

But- all the purging has kept me busy and occupied while the days have gotten cold, gray and cloudy.  Have to admit, Autumn and Spring are my two favorite seasons due to the colors...  check out the leaves I can see most every day!

 Since it's colorful outside ... added some color to the inside of my home.  Found these soup cans in a local store last year - 

Think using them to display dried pods on our table works well.  

Do you do anything special to celebrate the change of seasons?

Hoping to hear from you -


Anonymous said...

Change in Season? I don't know about celebrate but when winter comes around we put on a pair of socks. It gets cold with those low 70s weather.

Welcome Back

Anonymous said...

What is this change of season you mention? But at this time of year we may put on a pair of socks if the temperature drops into the 70s, they are colorful.