Sunday, November 7, 2010


Spending most of my spare time putting the house in order - amazing the stuff that I have tossed and donated, as well as quite a bit that just needed to be put away.  An E-friend sends this into the E-group we both belong to ...thought I would use it for today.

For Today...

Outside my door ... it was sunny-ish this morning, ended up as cold, rainy and windy by the time DH came home from golfing.  He and a co-worker only got 9 holes in.  DH said it wasn't the rain that was the problem, it was the clouds ... you couldn't see where your ball headed off to and you sure couldn't see the greens.

The cat ... Indy was curled up on the couch under a fluffy blanket sleeping most of the day ... kinda cute listening to her little kitty snores.

From the kitchen...cleaned out the fridge and made chicken and rice soup from the left-over roasted chicken DH brought home for dinner last night.

I am hearing...right now, DH and I are listening to "Cool Runnings".  I really like the positive message of believe in yourself.

I am wearing...a tourist scrub shirt and fleecy pants - need socks, my feet are cold.

I am reading...a mushy romance "Wolf and Dove" as well as Debbie MacComber's "One Simple Act".

I am thinking... about my DS who is in Virginia for a week of schooling before heading off for his new command.

I am thankful for...the many blessings in my life.

I am hoping...the weather is nice next weekend when DH and I visit Rome.

I am creating... a mess?  With tossing, purging and general putting-away, I have several bags of donations for the thrift shop and another of papers for recycling when I go to work tomorrow.

One of my favorite things... the part of "Cool Runnings" after the team crashes (sad about the crash itself) when the team carries the bobsled to the finish line.

A few plans for the rest of the week...have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and then off to Rome for a couple of days explorations.


Anonymous said...

ahh, memories of Indy's first Christmas in Belpasso

Holly said...

I don't think she has recovered yet ...have you thawed out from that visit?

Mountainrose said...

I also love the story of Cool Runnings.. I wasn't able to watch all the winter games this past time. but I did see there was a Jamician team. how cool was that!

kathey conroy said...

wolf and dove-(the wolf and the dove?) is that the sequel to the flame and the flower? they were the first books that started me on my reading life!

Holly said...

"The Wolf and The Dove" is by the same author (Woodiweiss), but not part of the "Flame and Flower" storyline.