Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got to figure out how to share more pictures ..

I've upload too many pictures between my two blogs ... so I have to figure out how to set it up so I can share more of my life ... will be back soon!



Mountainrose said...

Just take it one day at a time.. some times a day will slip by, but that's ok cause that is what life is all about, right?

Question. Are you going to celebrate USA Thanksgiving in Bel Passo? What will you be making? and if you do. do your neighbors think you are crazy if you do?

Mountainrose said...

Did you know you can post from an email straight to your blog? I didn't know until yesterday. It took a bit of looking but I found it. I went to "Edit Posts" then along the tabs at the top found one that said emails and ??? clicked on that.. scrolled down and found out I have to have a secret word, put that in the box, and then have to remember it long enough to use in an email. I copy and pasted it to a word doc until I could get it set into my address book.

Mountainrose said...

Sooo.. Girlfriend, when are we going to hear about Christmas in your town?

Have you been busy? cooking, cleaning and shopping, and working..

Hope your enjoying some time with your hubby as well.

special times of year also mean special time with your loved one.