Saturday, February 21, 2015

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

DH and I like going to the zoo ... most any zoo ...
took a day trip over to the Stuttgart Zoo the other day ..
I didn't plan well, my camera battery died almost immediately ..
oh well ... just another reason to go back
... as if I "needed" a reason to go back to a zoo....
Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo .... how 'bout you, you, you?
Do you enjoy visiting the animals in a zoo?


Anonymous said...

King of the camel

Vicky said...

My niece moved to Stuttgart a few months ago from Australia. She is having fun learning German LOL.

Anonymous said...

Vicky - Stuttgart isn't that far from me. Maybe we can meet sometime (either your niece or you when you visit). Sadly, I haven't picked up much German at all... still in the "mutilate it" stage.

For Anonymous - yes, I think about King of the Camel anytime I visit a zoo. For the rest of you, a long time ago - visited a zoo with family and friends, and in one of the exhibits was a camel - sitting on the ground. There were a bunch of goats also in the exhibit -- several of which were standing on the camel's back, hopping on and off. We decided they were playing a version of "King of the Hill". Such a fun day!