Thursday, March 5, 2015

Special delivery from Buckingham Palace !

I feel so special!
In the post was a letter from Buckingham Palace!!
I have long admired Queen Elizabeth II for her dignity and pose.
While I may not agree with all of her decisions ...
but in many ways, I believe she has been a great role model for the world.
I sent her a short note a few months ago - just to say I admired her.
not expecting any type of response ~ but ... one came !!
Granted it's a form letter and signed by a lady-in-waiting ...
that's okay.
Over the last few months, I have been sending quite a few letters out to all sorts of people (public and private) thanking them for sharing their talents with the world, or aspects and behaviors that I admire about them ... or just being part of my life.
This is the first response I have gotten back.  Cool Beans!!
What has totally made your day?
Has anyone told you that you made a difference?
Have YOU shared with someone else the positive effect THEY have had on you?


Anonymous said...

You made a difference in my life (and created it)

Kathy G said...

How cool!

Holly said...

It really was neat to pull that out of the mailbox. Even more so when I think of the bazillion letters Queen Elizabeth II must receive. I know that she didn't tell her lady-in-waiting to reply to me specifically -- but it still was a thrill to read my name on an envelope postmarked from Buckingham Palace - Holly